My Daily Walk June 26, 2017

Total miles walked: 2 miles! When you live out in the country it’s amazing on how sound travels.  I could hear an Amish buggy going by my cousins on County Hwy P which is a good mile from the house! I could hear the clip clap of the horses hooves as it hit the blacktop… Continue reading My Daily Walk June 26, 2017

My Daily Walk June 17, 2017

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile! It’s June so I’ve been so busy with the Wisconsin State Shop Hop.  I decided to do a two mile walk to get back out to nature.  Being that it’s Father’s Day weekend and because my father loved nature I feel closer to him when I’m out there.  There… Continue reading My Daily Walk June 17, 2017

Daily walk May 22, 2017

Total miles walked: 2 miles Finally! A somewhat nice day! The sun is shining and the temperature is around 50 degrees which made it for perfect walking weather.  What is nice is that for some it may be their Monday but for me it’s my Friday!  Whatever day of the work week it may be… Continue reading Daily walk May 22, 2017