Another creation by Lori

Feliz Cumpleanos Cake
A Treche Leche cake with fruit

My life has been so blessed by my friend Lori. Not only has she been a good friend over the years but she is an excellent cake decorator! This is a picture of one of her recent cakes that she made. It is a Treche Leche cake with fruit. Great job Lori!


There is a mouse in the house…….

I knew I wasn’t insane.  I’ve been hearing the little sneak for weeks.  First it was in the kitchen area while I was sitting in front of my laptop.  My mom said I was hearing things.  Then I could hear something in the suspended ceiling.  Then last week I could hear something digging through the… Continue reading There is a mouse in the house…….

Rolo pretzels with M&M’s

These are probably a favorite for a lot of people during the holidays. Since they are so easy to make the hardest thing is probably finding the pretzels. Ingredients: Mini round pretzels Rolo candies, unwrapped M&M’s Preheat oven to 350°. Place mini round pretzels on a large baking sheet. Put one rolo candy on each… Continue reading Rolo pretzels with M&M’s

Thanksgiving Leftovers

One of the challenges of Thanksgiving is what to do with all of the leftovers. Some people freeze them so that it can be used on a later date.  However if you are like this household who still has portioned  chicken that has been sitting for a year collecting freezer burn in the back of… Continue reading Thanksgiving Leftovers

My aunt’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Back around twenty five years ago the Monroe County Wisconsin 4-H Junior Leaders had this cookbook printed out which contained recipes collected from the 4-H groups in the county.  It became a gem of a cookbook due to all of the nice recipes it contained.  My aunt submitted her Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that I… Continue reading My aunt’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

RIP Computer Tower

I knew it was coming with how it was acting up recently. Yesterday I cleaned my computer tower from all of it’s dust bunnies however maybe some of those dust bunnies were holding still it together.  I tried to turn it on but it doesn’t want to go into bios anymore.  This has put a… Continue reading RIP Computer Tower