Thanksgiving Leftovers

One of the challenges of Thanksgiving is what to do with all of the leftovers. Some people freeze them so that it can be used on a later date.  However if you are like this household who still has portioned  chicken that has been sitting for a year collecting freezer burn in the back of… Continue reading Thanksgiving Leftovers

My aunt’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Back around twenty five years ago the Monroe County Wisconsin 4-H Junior Leaders had this cookbook printed out which contained recipes collected from the 4-H groups in the county.  It became a gem of a cookbook due to all of the nice recipes it contained.  My aunt submitted her Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that I… Continue reading My aunt’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

RIP Computer Tower

I knew it was coming with how it was acting up recently. Yesterday I cleaned my computer tower from all of it’s dust bunnies however maybe some of those dust bunnies were holding still it together.  I tried to turn it on but it doesn’t want to go into bios anymore.  This has put a… Continue reading RIP Computer Tower

Custard Pie

My Grandmother Zinke liked to bake.  Some of her favorites were caramel rolls and custard pie.  Most of her recipes that she made my memory and didn’t necessarily use a measuring cup.  She used her eyes as to what was the right amount.  This Custard Pie recipe is very similar to what my Grandmother Zinke… Continue reading Custard Pie