I grew up in a rural farm in west central Wisconsin.  I felt that by being raised on a farm gave me vital core values that have carried me throughout life.  Like a lot of people who graduated high school back in the nineties I went to college and received a Bachelor’s of Science in Music with a minor in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin – Superior.  After that took some computer classes and worked on an MBA in Accounting from Upper Iowa University.  I have about a year left there to graduate.  I had to stop due to family and close friends health issues was getting in the way of me focusing on my studies.  A year an half ago I moved back into my parents so that I could help my mother out with my fathers health.  We found out that he had dementia just over a year ago.  Those were very stressful times for us because we were trying to take care of him ourselves while making sure I had a full time job and making sure that the care of my brother who was born with spina bifida was met.  Finally a situation happened where we came to realize that we were not able to be able to keep my father safe from himself and for us to keep our sanity.  The Good Lord came to our aid and by some miracle we were able to find a room at a Memory Care Unit that was less than twenties miles from where we lived and that the nursing home insurance approved soon after that.  The past year has been an adjustment year with my dad now being there.  Hopefully 2017 will bring better things for my family.