My Daily Walk July 22, 2017

Miles Walked: 2.15 Miles

Weather: Cloudy with a possibility of rain

It’s been almost a month since I’ve blogged about a daily walk.  Despite the weather I have been doing them but of course life tries to get in the way.  Been giving myself pep talks about making sure they get blogged as well.  Everyone knows in this area how much rain we’ve been getting.  I should buy a weather gauge and start to blog about how much rain we’ve been getting at this rate.  A small river has formed in our yard and over the road due to all of the rain.  I may get the lawn finally mowed by September at this rate.  Even though my routes have been pretty much the same it’s amazing on what changes have happened due to the weather.  I will work on getting the pictures up from my previous walks as quick as I can.  Last I counted the count was forty pictures.  The cat has officially given up following me and would rather take a nap.


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