Daily walk for May 23, 2017

Miles walked: 4 miles

I made one of my goals today in walking 4 miles.  I feel accomplished that I did this.  I started my walk early because I didn’t know how the weather was going to cooperate.  It started sunny but then it clouded over.

I started off to a good start.  About half mile down the road I realized that I wasn’t alone.


I really didn’t want her to be with me due to she may get lost.  After flailing my cap at her a couple of times I mentioned that there are strange cats and dogs on my journey.  Apparently she understood that and quit following me.

I also met some new friends

And I finally got my pheasant picture.  I’ll work on getting better ones.


I did not know that this was there:


I could hear ducks in the pond.  I could see them but I couldn’t get a good picture.

And as I was approaching the final stretch guess who was waiting for me:


I think she was happy to see me.

Well that’s my walk for May 23, 2017.  Hopefully I can have just as good as a walk tomorrow as today.


One thought on “Daily walk for May 23, 2017

  1. Awe what a sweetheart, she wanted to go on a walk with you! My cat used to follow me down to the park and meow at me the whole way, as if to say “Wait, we really shouldn’t be leaving home!!” And if I didn’t wait for him, he would meow louder.

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