The Missing Tractor

Well it’s been four weeks since the death of my father. The Thursday after his passing we moved all his belongings out of his room over at Milestone at my mother’s request. There were a few things missing that most of it was of little importance. One of the things that struck us as odd was that his little Ford tractor that he had in his window cubby was missing. This had us wondering where it went to these past few weeks. Since it was so hard to get at we ruled out that one of the residents didn’t take it due to they wouldn’t have the strength enough to get at it. Before the funeral, we thought that one of the individuals over at Milestone had planned to make an arrangement with the tractor to honor my father. As the arrangements came in and no tractor showed up it made figuring out where that tractor went look bleak. So, four weeks have gone by and many inquiries as to where the tractor went with no success. All we have left right now is an empty box that my father had carefully maintained over the years sits on the shelf. It must have held some importance to him because it was given to him by his parents as a birthday present. I recognize the handwriting on the box as my grandmothers.


Not sure if we will ever see that tractor again. Whomever has it now must have thought that it held more importance to them than what it would mean to his wife and children.


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