My Lofty Blogging Goals

While dealing with some real life issues my blog got left to the wayside (that’s what life does I guess).  But I feel that it’s time to get back on track.  Yeah there are still issues that I’m dealing with but they have gone down since the death of my father.  Speaking of my father, I got lots of praise with his obituary on how well written it was.  I didn’t want to give him a bland obituary.  I wanted to give him a great send off.  The morning of March 13 he passed away.  By that night, I had a great start at getting a rough draft done but due to everything else that happened that day I was exhausted and couldn’t write anymore.  The next morning getting about as refreshed as I could be I finished the rough draft and gave a copy of it to the funeral director.  After him going it over and making some changes and a few emails later we had my dad’s obituary.  Now getting back on track writing my own dads obituary made me realize that I have the capacity to write.  Throughout high school and college I was constantly criticized on my lack of writing ability.  As I would say, my major is in Music, not English!  I’m thinking over the years either I have learned to write better or writing standards have greatly diminished.  I like to think both have happened.

In my absence, however I haven’t completely stopped researching on how to have a good blog.  Most of what’s out there are blogs that are also trying to promote something.  However, in between the lines I did learn a few things as well.  With this knowledge, I will use to be a more effective blogger.  My goal is to write 10 to 15 blogs a week.  Now you know why I’m saying that this will be lofty but with using some of my new knowledge I may be able to accomplish this lofty goal.



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