There is a mouse in the house…….

I knew I wasn’t insane.  I’ve been hearing the little sneak for weeks.  First it was in the kitchen area while I was sitting in front of my laptop.  My mom said I was hearing things.  Then I could hear something in the suspended ceiling.  Then last week I could hear something digging through the garbage downstairs when I was watching TV.  Some would say that I might have Vulcan ears if I could hear a mouse do these things.  Finally the little poop made its appearance in front of my mom in such a fashion that only a mouse could.  She opened the garbage container to put some garbage in there and guess who was in there.  The little guy jumped out and then slipped through a hole under the cupboards leaving my mom in a frantic state while on the phone with my brother.  I later asked him if he still had his hearing after listening to her screaming.  I think my reaction was not due to the mouse but due to her.  She then let the cat in to see what could be done.  All the cat wanted to do was snuggle.  I advised the cat that she was “sloughing off on the job”.  Within fifteen minutes she was in her vehicle heading down to the library where she let them borrow her old mouse traps because they had one in there a few months ago.  Within minutes they were set.

I feel like my foe is a cunning one since I think that he/she has been in this house for months.  But with some luck (and some peanut butter) I will defeat my foe.


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