Thanksgiving Leftovers

One of the challenges of Thanksgiving is what to do with all of the leftovers. Some people freeze them so that it can be used on a later date.  However if you are like this household who still has portioned  chicken that has been sitting for a year collecting freezer burn in the back of your freezer that might not be the best method.   One way is to add turkey and any leftover stuffing to your morning scrambled eggs.  I first put the cut up turkey and stuffing with the onion and green pepper and let that cook for a little bit before adding in the egg mixture.  Another way is to make soup.  All this soup takes is a can of mixed vegetables and chicken broth which we already had in the pantry.  I would suggest to drain the can of mixed vegetables first prior to adding it to the broth.  Season to however you like it.  Let it cook until it gets to the temperature that you want it and now you have turkey vegetable soup.


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