First blog post

Well I finally did it.  I started my blog.  This probably has been on my mind for a good year but between life, procrastination, what was the name of my blog was going to be, and what I was going to write about delayed me from doing it.  Maybe what pushed me to start was watching this show called Military Medicine: Beyond the Battlefield.  These servicemen and women have gone through a lot and are trying to get themselves so that they are functional members of society.  Maybe it gave me the courage and strength to do this.

I seriously went back on forth on what the name of my blog was going to be.  Part of this was due to what my blog subject was going to be.  I love to cook, bake, craft, and travel but I couldn’t decide on which subject to focus on.  Then it came to me “why choose just one when I can write on all of those subjects”.   So I decided to not limit myself and why should I?

I did think about my experiences with dealing with a parent who has dementia.  However I feel at this time that the emotions are still too real for me.  So maybe this subject will be one of my future endeavors.

I also have been recently diagnosed with arthritis in both of my knees.  I haven’t decided yet at this time if I will be writing about this since I am in the discovery phase myself.  But every time I see my aunt who has had double knee replacement I know that this is not the end of the world for me.

Well I did it! I just wrote my first blog!   I took that first big step!  Whew!  I guess it wasn’t that hard.


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